AFMLTA Conference 2017

Languages – Keys to Global Connections

With the increase of intolerance and intercultural incomprehension, now more than ever developing learners’ capabilities in additional languages and intercultural sensitivity is important for the ongoing wellbeing of our global society.
After a celebratory welcome evening which will include the Keith Horwood Memorial Lecture and the awarding of the Patji-Dawes award for outstanding achievements in language teaching, the AFMLTA 21st International Languages Conference, held on the beautiful Gold Coast, will offer you a two-day exploration of current issues and new trends in languages education. Keynote speakers include:

  • Professor Nina Spada (University of Toronto), leading international expert on the role of instruction in the teaching and learning of languages
  • Worldwide authority on languages and linguistics and honorary professor of linguistics at the University of Wales, David Crystal who has published more than 100 books on aspects of languages
  • Associate Professor Liz Ellis (University of New England), renowned teacher educator and bilingual speaker and translator of Spanish with expertise in multilingualism and the role of plurilingualism in education.

This year’s Keith Horwood Memorial Lecture will be delivered by Professor John Hajek (The University of Melbourne) who is a long-time supporter of languages and languages education in Australia.

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