Conference & Centenary Celebrations

To register for this year’s conference and to attend the Centenary Celebrations: Language Teacher Education 1916-2016, click here.  We are excited that 2016 will mark 100 years of modern language teaching at the University of Sydney.  In honour of this historic milestone, MLTA NSW in conjunction with the University of Sydney will be hosting a cocktail reception after our annual conference on Friday 18 March, 2016 at the Southern Cross Catholic Vocational College, Burwood. This free Cocktail reception will be a perfect opportunity to reconnect with colleagues after a day of workshops. Once you have registered for our conference and the cocktail reception, you can choose your conference workshops.

 (Please note if you would like to register for the post-conference Centenary Celebrations cocktail reception ONLY, co-hosted by the University of Sydney, please click here.)