Denise Soos Scholarship

The Denise Soos Scholarship for Language Courses in Stage 6

Applications due 19th November 2021


The Denise Soos Language scholarships sponsored by the Modern Language Teachers Association of NSW will be offered to two students currently in Year 10 who intend to study a language in Stage 6 in 2022. Applications will be accepted from candidates for Beginners, Continuers, [Language] in Context or [Language] and Literature courses. 


There will be two scholarships awarded. The value of each scholarship will be $500 to be used for resources for the Language studied or as a contribution to an in-country experience. 

The link to the Google Form Application is here. Please pass the link on to suitable candidates. The form is designed to be completed by the student, but nominating teachers can assist and submit the form on the student's behalf. This Google Form has an upload section and supporting documents can be uploaded directly on the Google Form. If this form is not accessible from your network, please use
form without attachment section, and email the supporting documents to 


Nominating teachers must be MLTA NSW members and are required to complete "Teacher Reference Form". This must be sent to the student who will upload it with their form. 


For enquiries email: