The Denise Soos Language Scholarships offered for Language courses in Stage 6 2021


The Denise Soos Language scholarships sponsored by the Modern Language Teachers’ Association of NSW will be offered to two students currently in Year 10 who intend to study a Language in Stage 6 in 2021. Applications will be accepted from candidates for Beginners, Continuers, [Language] in Context or [Language] and Literature courses. There will be two scholarships awarded. The value of each scholarship will be $500 to be used for resources for the Language studied or as a contribution to an in-country experience. 


  • The student must intend to study a Language in Stage 6 2021
  • The student must be nominated by School authority (Principal)
  • The teacher of the Language at the school must be a member of MLTANSW

For more details and to apply, please click here.