Federal Election 2016

Dear MLTANSW members

With the Federal Election approaching, the major parties are publishing their Education Policies and it is important for Language professionals to be aware of the various stances on Languages education in particular. As a key component of its recent annual conference, MLTAV embarked on a significant advocacy campaign and elicited statements/policies about Languages Education from each of the major federal political parties. These documents are now on the MLTAV website and we strongly encourage members to read them and to discuss these with colleagues and the community

You can access the statements/policies here

Along with MLTAV, we also encourage members to contact their local (aspiring) politicians with questions regarding the statements/policies. Some questions/queries are suggested on the website to assist you in talking with politicians.

Of particular concern is The Australian (national) Labor Party’s recently released ‘Growing Together’, an agenda for tackling inequality in Australia http://www.alp.org.au/growing_together.

The AFMLTA responded to this agenda. Their response included the following statement: ‘We were pleased that this [agenda] identified investment in education as a priority for a stronger and fairer Australia. However, we were disappointed by some of the statements in the report relating to Languages education, potentially setting up a position of “Languages inequality” in Australia’. The full letter can be downloaded here: AFMLTA_Letter_to_Kate_Ellis_MP_24_March_2016.pdf.

Along with the MLTAV, MLTANSW urges all Languages professionals to act on this matter by sharing the AFMLTA letter widely and contacting their local national Labor MP (in government, or aspiring to be elected) to raise our serious concerns about this matter. Please use the messages in the letter to discuss the policy, so that we are giving a consistent message to the Labor party in the lead-up to the national election.

MLTANSW is grateful to MLTAV for sharing this information and congratulate them on this advocacy work which is most useful for our members.


Gillian Cordy

President MLTANSW