Linguafest 2015

With only two weeks before all films are due, we thought a quick update on the process for uploading would be helpful. Please note that there are a few changes:

  • Ensure that films are submitted as MP4 or AVI files – no other file formats will be accepted.
  • Teachers should be the ones uploading films and permission forms rather than students.
  • Music MUST be copyright free. Alternatively, you must have gained copyright permission.
  • See below for uploading instructions. Be aware that some school have blocks and firewalls that means it’s a good idea to upload films from home.

Go to and choose BROWSE to upload your files.

Films & permission forms must be labelled using the following format

School name+number+ Language +Year group

Eg Macarthur1Indonesian8

Please type in the recipient’s email address box when prompted.

Link to forms: 2015 LINGUAFEST