Workshop: A Day with Dr Gianfranco Conti “Listening – the Neglected Skill”




DATE: 24 Nov 2018

TIME: 9:00 am – 3.00 pm

VENUE: Rydges Central – 28 Albion St, Surry Hills

Cost: $150 (Members) / $200 (non-Members)


MLTA NSW invites all language teachers across NSW to attend a great professional learning opportunity with Dr Gianfranco Conti (The Language Gym).

An applied linguistics MA and PhD graduate, Gianfranco Conti has been teaching MFL for over 25 years both at primary, secondary and university levels. He has researched the impact of metacognitive strategies training and error correction on essay writing under the supervision of Oxford University Ernesto Macaro both during his PhD and a large-scale project in English comprehensive schools documented in Professor Macaro (2001)’s book. He currently has lexicogrammar acquisition, listening instruction, metacognition, error correction and learner autonomy as main research interests.

Formerly head of languages at various schools in England and abroad, he is currently a French and Spanish teacher at an international school in South-East Asia where he has been implementing his methodological approach: Extensive Processing Instruction (EPI).

Dr Conti is also a renowned conference speaker and CPD provider mostly active in the UK, South-East Asia and Australia.


Dr Conti will facilitate an approach to Languages listening instruction based on Skill Theory, which addresses the most neglected dimension of aural instruction, i.e. micro-listening skills acquisition. After providing a concise account of the way aural input is processed by the human brain and discussing the challenges that second language comprehension poses to novice-to-intermediate second language learners. An integrated framework for listening instruction which focuses mainly, but not exclusively, on the development of bottom-up-processing skills will be shared. A range of activities and instructional sequences illustrating his approach will also be presented and discussed.

Pending NESA Accreditation.