Call for presenters

The MLTANSW values the contributions and expertise of all our members and we seek to provide opportunities for high-quality professional learning. Our 2020 conference is happening 16-17 July at Aerial UTS Function Centre where our keynote speakers will set the scene for what the future of languages education might look like.

The theme for our conference is ‘Teaching for Tomorrow’ and we would like to develop this by looking at how the educational landscape continues to change and how we as teachers can navigate this confidently and effectively. 

We invite you to submit an abstract for either a 50-minute workshop or a 10 minute ignite presentation for consideration by the committee. All offers will be gratefully received and reviewed. Abstracts are to be limited to 350 words. and must be submitted via this online form.


Workshops will run for 50 minutes and will be presented to an audience of approximately 40-60 delegates. The intent is for you to share in detail an educational practice that you are using. From our recent survey of members, the themes we would like to focus on are:

  • Primary Languages
  • Syllabus Implementation
  • Pedagogy (e.g. PBL, Differentiation, teaching ideas)
  • Assessment
  • Advocacy


The Ignite session is designed to be a platform where delegates can hear from a number of speakers in quick succession. As a presenter, you will have 10 minutes in which to present one idea/concept/challenge/principle. Your presentation should be short, sharp and relevant to the audience. Four or five presenters will be grouped together and will collectively finish with audience Q&A once everyone has spoken. It is intended to be a collegial sharing experience with the opportunity to follow up with further detail, ideas or practices that resonate with the presenters.

Please note: Presenters are required to pay for their registration for the conference. If representing a business, please be aware that this is not an opportunity for a sales pitch. Terms and conditions for presenters

Presenting at the 2020 Teaching for Tomorrow Conference is an opportunity to contribute to the collegiality we value within MLTANSW and is seen as a wonderful opportunity to promote and enable you to build your professional profile. 

We look forward to receiving and reading your ideas. 



Closing date 11 May 2020!