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Modern Language Teachers Association of NSW inc.

The MLTA of NSW is a dedicated group of educators who are committed to furthering Languages Education in NSW.

The association covers a range of languages and sectors. We are dedicated to the study of Languages in NSW and enthusiastically work to support NSW language teachers.

MLTA Conference - 14 June 2024

The 2024 MLTA NSW Conference: Innovation, Integration and Inclusiveness will be held on Friday 14 June at Rydges World Square. Secure your place, register here

Be inspired by our guest speaker, Melissa Gould-Drakeley, Director Curriculum Development 7-10, at NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA). Melissa was formerly Curriculum Inspector Languages at NESA and prior to that, Dean of Studies at an independent K-12 school in Sydney. Melissa taught Indonesian, French, English and EAL/D for 30 years in NSW and the ACT. She has a strong interest in curriculum, innovative teaching and learning,


In her keynote address, Melissa will provide an introduction to the conference themes ‘innovation, integration and inclusiveness’. She will outline what innovation looks like in language learning and the reasons for embracing innovation. She will highlight aspects of integration in languages education and provide an overview of inclusive practice in language classrooms.

Workshop Sessions: Dive deep into a variety of topics from the latest in educational technology to collaborative and impactful methodologies:

  • Supporting Curriculum Reform through Primary Languages Networks

  • Unlocking ChatGPT: A tool for Language Teaching Preparation  

  • Nurturing all Language Learners

  • Podcasting for Enhanced Learning in the Language Classroom 

  • Engaging Language Learning 

  • Welcome to TikTokyo: Using short form video for engagement in languages 

  • Differentiation strategies in the language classroom 

  • Bridging the gap: Making Written texts accessible for Learners with Reading difficulties 

  • Embedding Aboriginal pedagogies in language teaching K-10 

  • The role of metacognition in developing Agency in the elementary language learner 

  • Using AI to create resources in Languages 

  • Linguistic and Cultural Diversity in Australia - How should Education Respond? 

  • MLTANSW Linguafest - Practical advice for new and experienced participants 

  • TPR - Kinesthetic Language Learning (K-2) 

  • Using Critical thinking pedagogy to nurture intercultural capability in the language's classroom


Networking Opportunities: Connect with fellow educators and industry professionals during breaks. Exchange ideas, forge partnerships, and build your Language teaching network.

Linguafest 2024

The 2024 theme is "ADVENTURE" and the signature item is "A FRYPAN"


NEW IN 2024 - We welcome entries from K-6 in our new 'Primary' category.


Become a member today to receive up-to-date professional development information, access to online content and discounts on conferences, teachmeets and webinars throughout the year.​

Members benefit from:

  • latest developments in language teaching education through professional development activities

  • AFMLTA journal Babel and MLTA journal Accents

  • competitions and scholarships for promoting languages with students

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