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Gillian Cordy

AFMLTA President 2022

MLTANSW President 2014-16

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My Story

Gillian Cordy is awarded honorary Life Membership in recognition of her significant and continuous contribution to the support of Languages teachers and Languages education in NSW through the Modern Language Teachers’ Association of NSW as a committee member from 2009-2017 and as a member of the Executive from 2012-2017 and President of Modern Language Teachers’ Association of NSW from 2014 until 2016.

Gillian has been an active member of the Modern Language Teachers’ Association of NSW for over 40 years. She has always actively and publicly promoted the cause of teacher professionalism and quality education in the Languages area. She has a strong interest in helping beginning teachers and pre-service students develop their language teaching expertise. In addition, she has freely given her time and expertise, through teacher in-service workshops, and as a presenter and committee member of the Modern Language Teachers’ Association of NSW, she has encouraged the members of the Association to develop support material for Languages teachers (in particular Indonesian and French) to assist them to introduce new teaching strategies in the classroom. Gillian has delivered presentations on Language teaching practices, advocacy strategies and materials at regional, state, national and international levels.


In her role as President, Gillian has contributed to the biannual MLTANSW Languages magazine, Accents over the last 2 years and assisted with coordination of the annual Linguafest Film Competition and Scholarship Awards for Languages students.

Gillian has worked on various occasions and in collaboration with a variety of sectors to prepare material to support teachers in the implementation of syllabuses in the Languages area, specifically for Indonesian and French. She has been involved in the development of the Australian Curriculum: Indonesian for ACARA and has previously worked as both Chief Examiner and Senior Marker for the NSW HSC Indonesian examinations. Gillian has played a major role in
NSW in the studies of Asia education with a focus on Asia literacy and has worked on the NESA Languages Review Advisory Board.

Gillian has made a positive contribution to the education of Languages’ students and has raised the profile of Languages through her work with teachers through being an integral part of the MLTANSW

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