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Expressions of Interest - NESA syllabus and support material writers

We have received an opportunity to provide NESA with recommendations for syllabus and support material writers for the next phase of K-10 syllabus development.

Initially this will involve refining the K-10 Framework and ensuring it is fit for all languages. Experience in teaching with the current K-10 syllabuses and knowledge and expertise across languages and in second language acquisition would be valuable.


Recommended teachers would need to satisfy the following criteria:

  • Current experience in teaching K-10 Languages (Modern and Classical) syllabuses

  • Expertise in pedagogical and content knowledge

  • Knowledge of the evidence to inform the development of effective curriculum, teaching, learning and assessment

  • Proven excellent written communication skills

Syllabus writing is planned to commence in the second half of 2021. Further syllabus support material writing will continue throughout 2022.

Teachers will be guided by Subject Matter Experts and the Curriculum Reform Leads.

Teacher release will be provided to schools if the writing takes place in term time. Writers will be paid if they are writing in their holidays. It is likely that the writing will be a combination of both term time (1 week) and holiday time (1 week).

There will be an opportunity later for writers to develop language-specific material once the Frameworks have been developed.

To ensure MLTA NSW provides a representative group of scripted and non-scripted language teachers, we are seeking Expressions of Interest by requesting this short survey be completed by 14 May.

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