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Registrations open for the 2021 virtual conference

We are pleased to be able to facilitate a virtual conference for languages educators between 20-30th March 2021.

MLTA NSW members who have subscribed for 2021 will receive a 50% off discount code to register for this PL so ensure your membership is renewed before you register.

The conference program and all links (including recordings and resources) are for registered participants only. Access to this PL opportunity and its resources are for registered delegates. Please do not share the links.

Please note, these sessions are not accredited with NESA due to the recent changes in NESA's PL policy. You may be able to use the hours as Elective PD in eTAMS.

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3 comentários

Can someone please tell me how to sign up for the virtual conference please.


Good morning! Am having trouble registering for this PL. Any hints?


How does one pay if you are not a MLTA member of NSW?

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