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The MLTANSW is trialling a new mentor program in 2021 and is seeking mentors and mentees who would like to develop and share skills in various aspects of teaching practice, including:

· language teaching pedagogy

· lesson and assessment planning

· organisational tips

· collaboration groups

You can meet weekly, fortnightly, from time to time….. it is very flexible and up to you and your mentor.


We are seeking EOIs for voluntary mentor teachers from experienced and passionate members across NSW from various languages. As a mentor, the opportunity to share expertise, reflect on practice and collaborate with other teachers will help to refine your own practice. This mentor experience may also help teachers working towards Highly Accomplished and Lead Teacher accreditation and who wish to build leadership capacity in their field.

You will be provided with ongoing support, professional learning and resources to help you in your role.

If you would like to work with teacher mentees please complete this survey by 21 May 2021.


We are seeking EOIs from teachers who would like to be mentees. Mentees will work with a mentor to develop skills and build confidence in language teaching areas such as teaching and learning programs, developing units of work and assessment tasks, organisational tips and teaching and learning activities for engaging classrooms.

If you would like to work with a teacher mentor please complete this survey by 21 May 2021.

For any further enquiries about this program please contact Kati Varela or Coreena Allen

We look forward to working together to support our members in collaborations with colleagues in NSW.

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